Sunday, August 26, 2012

10 Little Things That Mean Something Big

1. Sometimes we fill our lives, our heads or our hearts with so much  that we forget what is important. If we are so full of things that don't matter or things that aren't good for us we consistently reduce the amount of space we have for good.

2. I'm bad about this... Sometimes I dwell on things for far too long. It would do us all well to remember that life is short. Make the best of it. If you can't learn to get past bad days you won't get very far.

 3. Comparison sometimes kills our happiness. There is no one in the world who is exactly like you, so why should your life be based on anything. Other then the life of Christ, we need no example.

 4. Every single time.

 5. No matter what you have or where you are you can do something to help someone. Often the best form for this is doing something with no possible chance of a return favor. Do something for someone that will be of no good to you. Do something nice when no one is looking and make a habit of it. 

6. Challenge them..
7. Your beauty is on the inside. The kind of beauty that is in your heart will win every time. You may be gorgeous on the outside but without a kind heart you will never get very far.

8. It's not hard to be nice to your best friend.... but what about everyone else? When a person is rude to someone like this (that they think has no value) it shows you how they will treat you if they are angry with you or if you mess up and it directly involves them.

It's also good to remember that without that waitress, your food will never come. Without that teacher/ childcare worker, you would be at home, short a job you may love or money you may need. Without that hero (soldiers, cops, firemen, etc) it's every man for himself.

9. Sometimes I just have to tell myself to stop. Each day has enough worry of it's own. Worrying will never do you any good.  Often when we dwell on something that is perfectly normal. We look at it until we find the tiniest of flaws... and it sticks in our minds. It's good to be observant, but not to the point of creating mountains out of molehills.. Nothing is perfect.. everything has it's flaws... and sometimes those flaws turn out to be the most beautiful parts.

10. If you focus on bad, spend time with bad people, and do bad things... you will eventually be bad... its how we work as humans...

So naturally, focus on good, spend time with good people, and do good things...

It is not always easy but it is always the thing that is best for us.

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