Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bigger Then You Think

As most of you know, I work with children nearly every day. I teach preschool at Star Academy as my full time job, teach bible classes at church and babysit regularly for several families. I love doing it because I love children. They are difficult at times as anyone who is around kids knows and its not always easy to know the right thing to do with them, or for them.

I've heard people say "kids are smarter then we realize" but, in my experience I have come to find just how true that really is. (They know SO much!!!) Especially once they begin to talk, children pick up on our actions, remember and repeat the things we say and can pretty easily sense the mood that we are in. We all need to remember this... everyday.

Not only are children very perceptive, they are like sponges...
It is so amazing to me just how much they can learn in those first, precious few years.
I think, as adults we tend to forget that though children are "our babies" they shouldn't always be treated as such. I've come to find that children not only need independence, they want it. The first steps of the process may be slow, but, ultimately they want the confidence and skill to "do it by myself".

To those of you who have little minds, and little ears around you, remember this..
It's easy for us to get swept up into thinking that they don't understand, but often, they do.
Think about the mark that YOU are leaving in their life.
Think about what you are teaching with the things that you do and say.
...and never forget that children are our future...

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