Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The last few weeks of my life have been somewhat crazy; filled with the kinds of events that really make you think. My life is not the most interesting life lived by any means, but there are moments when I stop and realize that God is definitely keeping me on my toes... Lately, life has been full of those moments.

A Look at our Life Lately:
First, Meet Gryffin...(yes, it's short for Gryffindor in Harry Potter) our puppy.  I have always wanted a puppy.. (who doesn't??) and while I knew it was a huge responsibility I had no idea that getting a puppy this young (He is now 5 months old) was very similar to having a new born baby. We fell in love with him of course, but it has definitely had it's challenges. ;) None of that matters though, because he is the cutest puppy ever. :P

Secondly...  Dan got in a bad car accident. He came out of it without a scratch, but after seeing what happened in the wreck, and seeing his car... it was very hard to believe. It's one of those moments that brings you to your knees and throws you into a mess of emotions. Car accidents hit close to home with me, for obvious reasons, and although Dan was not hurt, this one was no different. It's so easy to think "what if?" but I found myself having to make an effort to remember just how lucky he was, and that in the shadow of all that "could have been" none of it actually was.

Third... After what seemed like far too long me, my sister and our two best friends had a nice dinner (& dessert) out, and got to be together and be silly. I don't think any of us realized how much we needed a night like that, just us until we were in the moment. These girls mean the world to me... and without them, my life would literally be turned upside down.

Last week three of our close friends (one that lived with us as a roommate) headed to Florida College. Florida is far away. I let the day sneak up on me and when it came I was no where near ready for these three to go.. I love them like crazy... and miss them already.

Me & Ali during our Girls night/ devo :)
A night without our nerdnanerdnerdnerds.. ;)

                                    Eric & I on Halloween :)
                                  ha... he was "Man Candy"
                                  Mersulberger's Forever! ;)

                Me & Josh on my birthday :)...no description needed... Josh is just awesome.. :P

Then I got to go with my friends Jessica to see baby Remi's ultrasound. It was the first I had ever seen live and it was a VERY cool experience! :) I had so much fun getting to see little Remi move around. I'm thankful that I met Jessica & Ryan, and can't wait to meet sweet little Remi!!

Lastly, Dan's uncle Charley, after a motorcycle accident with a fleeing drunk driver lost his leg, and then, this week his life after a long hard fight.

From uncontrollable laughter to the shedding of tears... these special moments (& people) make us think. What are we doing here? These are the things that matter most. God, of course, above all. But... our families and our friends are what makes us who we are. Without them, who would we be? Without them, what would we have..

I hope that these & other special people in my life (all of you know who you are, even if you aren't specifically named here! ;))always know how much they mean to me. :)

Much Love... Sarah 

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