Monday, August 27, 2012


Words are much more powerful then we often choose to see
Words can be much harsher then we mean for them to be.

Kind words lift us up
Help us all along
We find them in the mouths of friends,
Sometimes in a song.
They fill our hearts,
They lift us up,
They often make us strong.

Motivations help us know that someone sees our worth.
They help us know that things we do are needed ‘round the earth.
They keep us going when we’re down,
Give us a smile instead of a frown.
To know you matter means a lot.
When you thought you did, but you forgot.

God’s word gives us hope of life.
Hope of tomorrow,
Days without strife.
It brings us safety, love and care
Yet shows us that life doesn’t have to be fair.
But to those who value His good word,
It’s the most beautiful message ever heard.

Harsh words always bring us down
Make us unhappy
Make us frown
When we are hurt it takes “happy” away.
Sometimes it lasts longer then it should stay.

Your words speak of volumes
Straight from your heart.
The words that find ears
Give emotions a start.
Think before speaking
We all know it to be true.
The things people say
Always matter to you.

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