Monday, September 3, 2012

10 (Not So Normal) Things About Me

 I wrote something similar to this a few years back, so if this is somewhat of a repeat for you, sorry! :) Chances are that it's not as close to the original as I think it is... but since I no longer have a copy I couldn't tell you for sure.
 1. I am TERRIBLY afraid of spiders! Really... I'll lose it. I have been known to scream over and over until a spotted spider is dead. If I ask you to kill a spider don't ask me to help you, don't put it outside (This is NOT getting rid of it appropriately!) and don't tease me with it. I will punch you... or, more likely start to cry (and then you will feel really bad :P )

2. I am terrible at spelling & grammar. Interesting I know, since I'm writing a blog... but, spell check helps.. :P Otherwise... just ignore it... (I TRIED!!)

3. Collections bug me... Obviously I am on Pinterest and, I do have this blog so it doesn't apply to technology. :P I know people really get into collecting things but for some reason it just drives me crazy. If it is a collection that serves an actual purpose then I can understand (ex.. Recipes, books, movies) but... do you REALLY need 178 magazines? Clip what you need and toss it. You get the point. I won't judge you for your collection but I may cringe a little.

4. Stickers. I cannot stand the way a sticker feels on my skin. Ew... please don't.

5. Extreme Organization. I have a need to organize everything. Labels, sorting, boxes & bins. The whole nine yards... AND I love to do it. I sometimes think I should organize professionally; Star in one of those shows like "Clean Sweep". So much fun! :D

6. I don't like surprises. They freak me out because I like to know what's going on. If you tell you got me a gift but won't tell me what it is I may bug you about it persistently. It's better you just don't say anything until the moment  you plan to do it.

7. I like to rearrange. Living in an apartment has made this less prominent because honestly I don't tons of options for moving things around... but I still try. My classroom at work though... at least once a month. I guess I just get bored.

8. I micro manage. Every little detail. Checklists. Calendars. Reminders. YES PLEASE! 

9. I have a tendency to shop in sets.  I don't have kids yet, but when I do I think I will be in trouble. When I see stuff for kids that I like I worry about how many I would need so all of my possible future kids will have the same one... I laugh at myself over this one. I know it's weird. :P I'm not sure why I think that I will want the same exact thing for each one but I tend to think of it that way. Also.. If I don't have the first movie or book and you plan to buy me the sequel... buy both and save me the frustration. :P

10. I remember every face. I may not know exactly how I met you and I may not always know your name... but I probably remember your face. This happens to me often... I'll see someone random at the store and spend the entire time trying to figure out where I know you from. Usually I figure it out but it sometimes takes awhile. :P

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