Thursday, September 13, 2012

French Braids & Friendship

 I often think about a friend of mine that passed away not long after my mother. Her name was Lori and we were in girl scouts together. She was diabetic and she died from complications of the disease.  All of us in our girl scout troop were pretty close, and since my Mom was pretty involved with our troop and had gone on several trips with us all of the girls knew her very well.

Whenever we went on trips or had some kind of outing and my Mom went she would french braid everyone's hair. As little girls, we all loved it. I remember lining up and waiting as she patiently braided anywhere from 8-12 heads of hair.

I've shared this story with some, but it isn't one that is easy for me to tell. In the same way it is one that I'd like everyone to know about because it is very special to me....

When Lori passed I remember going to the funeral home and feeling very strange. (As I said, it hadn't been all that long since we had gone through Mom's passing.) When I walked into the funeral home I was immediately wrapped up into a hug from Lori's Mom. As she hugged me we both cried and she told me a story about Lori, right before her passing. She told me that at the time of the conversation, Lori knew that she wouldn't survive and that her sentiment was a happy one. Lori's mother told me that as they talked, her thoughts settled on Mom and how she missed my Mom being around and braiding her hair. As they discussed what was happening to her, she told me that Lori leaned over and excitedly said "Mom! I just realized something! Terri can braid my hair in heaven!".

Hearing that story was sad, but also a tremendous comfort to me and it has continued to be a comfort. Retelling it is probably something that will likely make some of you cry, but, like me... I hope you find a bit of comfort in it.

I made it my goal, in recent years to master the skill of French braiding because of this very story and I'm happy to say I'm pretty good at it now. ;) I hope one day I have a little girl of my own, whose hair I can braid, but for now... to all those mommy's and daddy's who pick up daughters from Star with french braided hair... Know that I am sharing a little piece of my heart. :)

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