Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To My Best Girls :)

You're my stupid movie marathon
My midnight (or later) snack
My talking without speaking.
You keep me right on track.

One look that means 10,000 words
The late night talks for hours
The lyrics to a million songs.
The one willing to sing.

The tons of clothes in my closet,
The "nothing here to wear"
The worries and the wishes
The "say a little prayer."

The stories only we know.
The laughs you cannot count.
The pinky promise
The don't tell a soul
The "there without a doubt.

The girls nights out
The shopping trips
The green ones or the blues?
The borrower
The "give it back"
The "does this match the shoes?"

The jokes that only make us laugh
Because who else understands?
The painted nails
The "makeup-ed" eyes
The stories with our hands.

The poems only we get
The lines that don't quite fit.
The friendships that hold us together.
A love you can't ever quit.

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