Monday, October 15, 2012

Think Before You Speak

 Lately I have been thinking about the common things that people often say to each other. As a culture we tend to use certain phrases just because they are typical to us... often they are things we hear often or things we say without much thought. The more I think about the phrases below the more I think that we should all carefully consider what they really mean.
1. It's just the way I am. Yes, it's true. We are all our own person. We should all be individuals to a certain degree but we should be careful with what we apply this to. "Just the way I am" shouldn't be applied to a behavior that is sinful or hurtful to others, or something that is bad for us. If being a hurtful person, or frequently lying is a habit of yours it MAY currently be "the way you are", but is that how you really want people to see you? Those kinds of things require a change in character. If their is any hope left for us, we should want to work to change those things about us that aren't good. This is often an excuse.

2. YOLO. (You only live once.) Right now, this is for some reason a "trendy" thing to say. It's not inherently wrong, but similarly to what I said before... it's not an excuse to do something wrong or dangerous. You only live once... yes... so do your best to be the best person you can be. Have fun, go on adventures... but life isn't about making all the mistakes you can because "Why not?".. Live for something more then what momentarily makes you feel good; Often those things are the worst things for us.

3. You are closed minded. Some people take their beliefs to the extreme. Causing someone hurt or pain because of your belief IS WRONG, regardless of what that belief is. There is nothing wrong with sharing your belief about a certain issue as long as you are kind and considerate. As people who are given our own minds and personalities we should take the time to listen without immediately deciding that they are rude for sharing something that opposes our belief. Debate is healthy but don't forget to be mature.

4.  Let me show you a better way. It may not always be said that way... but I think that lots of people have a tendency to want to take over and do things the way they think is best. The truth about doing this is that we sometimes step on each others toes in the process. I'm bad about this myself sometimes, but it's something that I am working on. The easiest way for me may be different then the easiest way for someone else.... and even if it's not easier, they may want things that way. Respect it or at least try your best to compromise. :)

5. Well at least I didn't ________.  Truly, this does not matter, and we all know it. The point is if something has been done own up to it and take responsibility for it. What you did should not be in comparison to how bad someone else messed up.

In conclusion... always think before you speak & you will be much better off... :)

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