Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shed A Little Tear

I like things that make my cry; Call me weird, but I do. When something I experience, read or watch hits home enough to bring tears to my eyes it becomes something that means something to me.

I've been around people in my life who tend to shy away from movies or books that make them cry but I have never felt the need to distance myself from it in that way. The way I see it, if something makes me cry... it means something; it says something real; it relates to me, maybe. I love reading Nicholas Sparks and one of the things I like most about his books is that they get to you. It's hard to read a book of his that doesn't cause you to tear up; but in it's own way it's beautiful.

Whatever it may be... if it brings a tear to my eye, I know I not only read (or watched) it... I felt it. People tend to seek out ONLY the things they want to hear... but I can't see that that's really the best thing for anyone.

Sometimes we need that good cry; a chance to let it all out and more often then not, we NEED to see or hear something that moves us.

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