Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankfulness: Day 18

Today I am thankful for my Mother.
This is a hard one for some to comprehend knowing that my Mom is no longer with us, but so much about her life and it's influence on others around her is a huge life lesson to me.

Things that my mother (& and various others along the way) taught me:
  • A smile is one of the most brilliant things people remember about you. If you are always wearing one people notice. (It's amazing how many people talk to me about my mothers smile & how many still remember it!)
  • True friendships have value. The quality of a friendship is not necessarily determined by how much time you spend with any given person, it is determined by things like picking up the phone and knowing you will be greeted like you've talked everyday in between.
  • It's okay to cry or tear up when you are talking about things you love and are passionate about. 
  • Being a good parent is about taking time, being silly, making a fool of yourself, getting messy and learning that you can't always be your child's best friend... at least not in those crucial years of teaching right from wrong. (...And that if your sleeping child wakes up because you popped popcorn and the smell is in the whole house... a late night snuggling & giggling is sometimes okay.)
  • Even "super moms" need a break. (This one comes from the fact that I always remember Mom mostly getting us ready during the week... but on Sundays Dad got us ready and fed us while mom got ready.)
  • Don't always be the one behind the camera. You are part of the memory... make memories of you for others. (This is why I will make you take pictures even when you don't like them! :D)
  • Be polite and kind to your elders and when in public show respect and be well behaved. (This is a lesson some adults still need to learn.)
  • 4 walls don't make a home, the love inside it does. 
  • Helping,out, stepping in, and being kind to others is a commandment from God, not a choice... but it's not something we should ever have to be commanded to do. Do it gladly and with love.
  • Life is short. Live as if this is your last day.
  • The people we love are never truly gone from us. Even those who have gone on, those who we don't see anymore.. if we love them they hold a place in out hearts forever.

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