Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankfulness: Day 3

Today I am thankful for Ryan & Sydney and their parents, Mike & Lu.

I started working at Star Academy 6 years ago. One of the greatest privileges of working in an environment like I do is the opportunity to meet so many families. Lots of people come and go but when a child is in your class for (in most cases) a full year you really get to know the children and families that you see almost every day. :)

I met the Russo family when I had Ryan as a two year old. :) I taught him along with the rest of my class until he moved up to a new room when he was three but during that time I started babysitting Ryan and Sydney. The first time that I watched the kids, Sydney was just a baby (Now she is 4!) and I have been watching them ever since. Mike and Lu were both very welcoming to both me and to Dan upon meeting him and over the years we have become close to the whole family; In fact, they are like family to us!

I am so thankful that we met Mike & Lu. They are a huge encouragement and example to Dan & I. They mean so much to us as a wonderful example of a christian home and marriage and as friends. Sydney & Ryan and some of the sweetest and funniest kids that I have ever met! They put so many smiles on my face and have us laughing every time we are with them! They are such a joy to be around! :D

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