Thursday, November 1, 2012

There is a time to be THANKFUL

Happy NOVEMBER Everyone!!

Thanksgiving makes most of us think about what we are thankful for because of the traditions of the season. :) All year around we all have many things to be thankful for... and as such I hope that we are thankful not just during this time of year, but everyday. :) That being said.... At times I think it is very helpful to really focus on thankfulness and be thankful for all that we have; for big things & for little things! Keep coming back! Each day in November I will be posting about something that I am thankful for. :) Some of them will be serious, some might be silly, and some will be short. As for the order, these things are NOT in any order of importance... Imagine me making a list and hitting shuffle... because that's basically what I plan to do.. ;)

Today I am thankful for the gift of expression.. (fitting I think, as I start this list on my blog). I am thankful that at any given time I can freely state my opinion or something I feel should be shared. We live in a place & time that gives us the opportunity to do so often and easily. Social media , blogging, texting, (cell phones in general, actually..), email, etc gives us the ability to share just about anything instantly. When we want people to know something... they know!

Sometimes the convenience of speaking out minds easily can be a negative thing. When you can instantly share with everyone that you know sometimes we forget to hold our tongue or we tend to over share. This can't go without being said... but I also feel that with a little extra thought these quick ways of communicating can be a blessing to us!

For starters... I can easily share this with all of you! :) Thanks for reading! ;)

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