Monday, October 14, 2013

An Afternoon In Shelbyville

Next we relaxed at a local coffee shop along the strip and read silly books and had a goofy photo shoot in a random parking lot. :P

A glimpse of our girls day this past Saturday in Downtown Shelbyville. :)

 We begun our afternoon browsing through the Shelbyville antique shops. You can always find some crazy things in these shops.. but these Halloween decorations we found took spooky to a whole new level.

We finished out day at the historic Bell House Restaurant which was delicious!! :) I highly recommend trying it out. It doesn't require a reservation but they are happy to take one to get around the wait. :) 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our New Home

As most of you know we recently moved!! :)

We've finally gotten settled and I wanted to show off our new place a little bit. We are loving our new space and we are settling in nicely! I've had fun decorating!! 
Our living room/office area :)
Block shelves... with paper backing! :) Just cut backing to fit to the size of shelf.

Dining Room
Floating candle jars filled with rice, dried peppers and black beans.
An old shelf I painted black for spices & aprons.
The kitchen
Our room

The bathroom!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Life You're Living


 This article is one that I feel deserves a re-post! It doesn't directly apply to me but I think that it is a VERY valid point. Questions like these from your closest family and friends can be daunting enough when you don't have these things... but they can be especially offending coming from the random person.

We all have a timeline. Your timeline may not be the same as mine.. as your best friends, your co-workers, your sisters.. or anyone else and I feel it's something that many people fail to respect.

In the movie "What To Expect When You're Expecting" you see the twinge of uncomfortableness when a customer tells Jennifer Lopez's character (a baby photographer) that 'she would be a great Mom and that she shouldn't miss her window.' Come to find out... she's a woman who is unable to have children. It makes you think..

That's not to say the situation is always something negative.. timing is everything for some people & THAT'S OKAY! Let it be.. When the timing is right I'm confident you will be aware of the newest circumstance.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It AMAZES me how many people I see or hear about on a daily basis who don't understand the concept of professionalism.

It's simple really... As much as we like to tell ourselves that it doesn't matter what other people think.. it's not true. Maybe you just don't care what other people think? But don't you? I'm not talking about issues like whether or not tattoos are stylish or trashy, or if you should never wear a t-shirt if you wanna be successful. But.. lets face it... no body wants someone to walk away from them thinking negative things. Chances are you want people to like you.. you want people to want to be your friend and work with you.. maybe even admire something about you.

I know I do.

Things to consider:
Don't over share. We all have our personal lives and we all have close friends we talk about them with.. but do your boss and 10 of our co workers really need to know about the fight you had with your mother in law? Probably not..
Avoid cussing/ bad mouthing. If you talk this way.. people notice. You can say 10 nice things and 1 negative thing and what does everyone remember..? That's right... the negative. It pays to remember that!
Respect not only authority... but seniority. Maybe that guy who has been here for 10 years ISNT your boss.. but if you are honest with yourself you know that he knows what he's talking about. He can help you.. use that to your advantage and respect his loyalty to whatever the situation.
Don't be a slob. Look nice. Brush your teeth. Make sure you smell good. Fix you hair..and do this EVERY day. (YES.. some people really do need these reminders.)
Offer to help. You're right... It's not your job to make sure the trash gets out. So what?? Take it anyway. Pay attention to the needs of others and offer things to them that may help them. Buy someone lunch or a snack and let them know you appreciate them. Can't afford that? Write a nice note for them to find about how you noticed their hard work. Compliments & favors go a long way.. and chances are they will come back to you.
Don't compare yourself & your job to others.  Someone will always get more then you & someone will always be better then you. That's life. You can do your very best to please others and be fair & yet still someone will not be happy. Embrace what you DO have!
 Do the things you are asked. We all have preferences in our workplace. Nobody likes to be switched around at the last minute, but being flexible makes you valuable! Stop complaining! Your boss is in a position of authority for a reason.. Respect that!

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Organizing In Small Spaces

I'm good at organizing; I'd say that's pretty obvious to those around me.
Not only that.. I think it's fun! Call me weird... but there is something exciting about being able to sort all of your things into categories and labeled bins and baskets. It's soothing and honestly.. it makes me happy.

The smaller your space, the more difficult doing this is... but its still possible. Your home doesn't have to be cluttered just because it's small or because you have lots of stuff... You just need a plan!

Tips for Organizing: 
  1. Sort. Sort. Sort.- This is always your number one step! You can't do anything with what you have until you know what you have. Sort.. make basic categories and regroup along the way if you have to..Narrow what you have down to logical categories. This could mean lots piles, or just a few.
  2. Keep what you need.- You borrowed that book a year ago? Give it back. That dress doesn't fit? Give it to a friend, or donate it. Trash or recycle the things that are trash. (Try not to convince yourself you will use those things you have been saving for years 'just in case you have an idea'.) When you establish what these things are get them out of your way. If you can't take them completely out of the house, sit them aside.
  3. Check your space. What empty spots to you have to put things? Drawers, shelves, bookcases, under tables, closets, underneath the bed, shed, etc.. 
  4. Find or purchase containers. Based upon the space you have available and the things you have sorted search your house for bins and baskets and then buy anything you don't need. (Check Dollar Tree or Walmart for cheaper options!) 
  5. Fill and Store everything. 
  6. Still have things left?? 
  • Stack books or movies to add height and color to shelving or furniture. 
  • Use corner shelving or any other kinds of shelving to your advantage! Buy things that are not only stylish but functional! 
  • Use spaces no one sees to hide things.. tops of closets, under beds, behind furniture, etc. 
  • Put things away neatly.. (Ex. Folded towels, sheets take up less space!) 
  •  Lots of knick knacks? Incorporate them in your decorations as much as possible, stash the rest in a storage shed or unused closet shelf.  
The easiest way to keep things organized is to keep up with your plan. Don't buy more then you need and always put things away when you are done using them! :) When you have a specific spot for something make sure it gets put back in that place after use. 

Personally, I live more peacefully when my home is organized.. it's easier to use and more efficient when you know exactly where to find things.

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Happiness Is A Journey

Those I'm close would probably be able to tell you that my favorite day of the week is Thursday.

Why Thursday?? Because the next day is Friday... and THAT my friends, means the weekend is coming!

It makes NO sense! but yet.. it's my favorite day. Why is that?

I've been thinking a lot lately about happiness and what being happy really means. Your definition of happy may be a lot of things.. but if your like me a lot of those things don't actually equal happy. I'm not the first person to say that even when you achieve the largest, most grandiose of you're dreams you are still wishing for something, and in most cases you still believe that something is the thing that will finally make you happy.

I'm also not the first to say that happiness is a journey. Many view happiness as a destination but I, among others, don't think that's accurate. If you aren't happy now you probablly won't be when you get to whatever it is you are seeking... you will just transfer your longing to something else.

But WHY??

Most of us have convinced ourselves that happiness is this place in the future that we will one day get to..
  • When I finally get married... 
  • When I'm finally done with school... 
  • When I finally have my dream job.. 
  • When I'm a mom... 
  • When I'm rich... 
  • When I have a bigger house... 
  • When I'm older... 
  • When I'm... (fill in the blank)
THEN... I will finally be happy...
... but again... you won't be... because the truth is.. our "normal" is often based on the fact that we're searching for something more. Habitually we slip back into that rut.

So what's the cure...?  
I think I speak for all of us, past and present, when I say that we haven't accomplished everything we'd hoped for.. and a vast majority of us never will. My advice is to make a change in the habit of chasing after our happiness and learn to be happy with all of the good things that are now!

None of this is to say stop moving!... Never stop moving forward.. but live in a way that when you do take a step forward you're able to look back with happiness over the path that you've come through. Take pride in being happy when you were at your lowest point... at your middle ground.. and in every step along the way. Sad things will exist.. always.. but keep swimming! If you can't keep your head above the water only one thing will happen..
  You'll drown.

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