Friday, February 8, 2013

Saying YES to Me

Too often I over commit myself.
I think a lot of us do...
You accept one invitation and then you feel like you have to accept another. You need to throw in visits to important relatives, friends, whomever. You work.. (for me that's 40+ hours per week.)You volunteer to help, you have your own house and your own family and everything in between... and before you know it every spare minute is gone.

It's important to consider not only how much of your time is filled but also how much of it you waste. "Time wasted" is not something that I am going to attempt to define because I know that it means something different to everyone... but let's be honest with ourselves... we all know when we have wasted time... right?

Just think about it.. I'll break my schedule down for you..
  • We'll start with a week... That's 168 hours
  • 40 hour work week... that's (Plus time allotted for lunch breaks & commute.) Lets say.. 50 hours total..That's roughly 118 hours. 
  • Side work.. (babysitting in my case) I average about 15 hours a week... That's 103 hours.
  • I SHOULD sleep (on average) around 8 hours a night. (HA!)  That's 47 hours. 
  • Time spent at church, study, and prep time for bible classes... I'd say about 10 hours (& honestly.. that should probably be more. That's 37 hours.
  • Time spent getting STUFF done... (eating, chores, cleaning, getting ready in the mornings, cooking/ prepping meals, errands, etc.) AT LEAST 20 hours a week. That's 17 hours!!
  Given this covers all of your typical responsibilities... if you are like me you have around 17 hours of "FREE TIME" per week!!!!!  

That's less then one whole day worth of time for committing yourself to other activities! To me, as much as you that is a somewhat alarming reality check. 17 hours is a considerable chunk of time... but it can be blown away much faster then we might like to realize. Everyone needs fun time, friend time, family time... all of those are important...obviously there are exceptions to everything on this list.. and 'blowing' an hour or two doing something you love or something you need to do isn't at all wrong... But I'd be wise to make sure that when I am committing MY figured amount of "free hours" I am filling them with things that that matter!! Too often I get so busy I leave behind those things in my life that are truly iimportant.

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