Thursday, May 16, 2013

Got Milk Ads

Call me lame if you want to... but I loved the "Got Milk?" ads! :P I used to have a collection of them that I'd saved from magazines and some of them hung on the walls of my high school bedroom. Typically I am NOT the kind of person who collects anything.. (See my post.. 10 Not So Normal Things About Me) but for whatever reason that was something I did collect for a long time.

When I moved away from home I decided to dispose of the huge collection of them that I had held on to for the past several years and after I did so I always wished I'd kept them...

Recently it dawned on me that I could probablly find most of them online... and so my search began.. (I know... I'm lame)... As a result.. I'm here to share my "GOT MILK?" Pinterest board. :P

HAHA... hope you enjoy the flashbacks as much as I did... ;)

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