Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Six Ways To Be A Good Friend To Me.. :)

Everyone has those things that make a person go from their friend to a close friend of best friend. Most people can relate to lots of people and be generally friendly with many more but everyone comes across those things that "seal the deal" in relationships... I've been thinking a lot lately about what my best friends and the people that I am close to have that makes us click.. and here's the list I came up with.. :)

1. The ability to make me laugh.
It doesn't have to be everyday or every time we are together... but I tend to gravitate towards those people who make me laugh.. whether it's because you reference my favorite internet memes or you tube videos or because you just know how to crack a great joke.. I love to laugh, and if you make me laugh chances are I enjoy being around you. 

2. The ability to listen and relate. Sometimes I need advice. Sometimes I need an answer. Sometimes I just need someone to spill to, to vent about my day. It's not always about a solution sometimes it's just about knowing you are there for me.

3. The acknowledgement and acceptance of my faith.
My faith is important to me. You don't have to share my faith or agree with it.. but I appreciate the acknowledgement of it. I don't claim to be a "perfect christian". I know that I'm not.. but that doesn't mean that I'm not one. If you eat dinner at my house.. we'll pray before eating, sometimes you'll see me reading my bible, generally I go to church twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday night. Agree or not.. at least accept that that is my lifestyle.

4. The ability to do nothing together.  
Sometimes you just need that person who you can sit and do nothing with.. just for the company.

5. The understanding of that I need reassurance, encouragement and a little motivation.
I thrive on this.. the more you give the more you get from me. I doubt and I over think things and I replay things in my head.. Tell me I did a good job, thank me, compliment me if you see fit, encourage me to do better or keep going... I need it.

6. Someone I can be weird with. 
I'm pretty sure that I am sometimes pretty strange.. Let's be honest.. I'm always pretty strange... but I like it that way.. When you accept that about me I'll love you all the more. :P

What does it for you?
What wins you over?
Leave me a comment and let me know! ;)

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