Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interesting Antiques

 Recently my sister and I visited a series of antique shops near where she lives and we couldn't resist getting some pictures of the strange things we happened to see during out day. Apparently antique can also mean weird, strange and even slightly creepy. These are some of our favorite finds while shopping...

When I was younger dolls were cute... I guess that didn't always hold true before my time because the number of dolls we saw that were creepy far outweighed the number that were more normal looking.
 I mean seriously... would any of you buy a doll like this for your child..? These dolls are where nightmares come from! :P

Doll houses are probably one of my favorite things (Yes.. I am 26) It's just something about all things miniature that makes me wanna say "awwww!!"... This sweet little table and chair set for example. Precious. Yet... apparently not all miniature things are cute... because we also came across these.... which are cigarettes for barbies..(yes, cigarettes) In case your kids don't have enough influence from the outside world about them... lets also make them for the barbie dolls!

We found all types of crazy signage during our day too... There's not much to say about these... I'm fairly certain these sings speak for themselves...

Sketchy... right???
 We also found these little pins that say "brought 1". The sign on them said they were vintage Vacation Bible School pins that, as you may have guessed, indicated that you brought someone with you.. :) Encouraging I suppose... except maybe for kids who couldn't get anyone to come along.

I found these quite cute... but also a little odd.. These are balloon animals... except not... they are made of plastic or something like it and are designed to decorate your yard.

Easter bunnies have a history for being creepy.. BUT this one, paired with the note that comes along with it sufficiently creeped us out.. I DO NOT want this thing delivering eggs to my house...