Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alone Time

This is a concept I struggle with. Often times I don't really like to be alone.. but I'm getting better at it.

It's not that I'm sad and can't avoid problems when I'm alone or anything like that.. I'm just someone who loves to be surrounded by people... and, in itself, that really isn't a bad thing.

In the last few months though I've started to realize I need that alone time to be the best me. I tend to be someone who wants to please everyone.. and in doing so I say yes to almost everything and block out most of the time I have left for myself. THIS is the part that's bad.

I'm blessed with having lots of friends and family that love me.. (this is not be bragging.. it's counting a blessing :)) and I do my best to give back to all of them, but I'm learning to say yes to me when I need to.. Not selfishly by any means.. just as necessary.

It's healthy... and it's harmless. That's the lesson I'm learning. I believe a person that doesn't understand that need will learn it soon enough and the fact of the matter is that a good friend wants what's best for you anyway..and sometimes what you need is a relaxing night to yourself. :)

The fact that I feel the need for a disclaimer on this post means I'm still working on this myself... :P
Taking a step forward by not adding it... :)

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