Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happiness Is A Journey

Those I'm close would probably be able to tell you that my favorite day of the week is Thursday.

Why Thursday?? Because the next day is Friday... and THAT my friends, means the weekend is coming!

It makes NO sense! but yet.. it's my favorite day. Why is that?

I've been thinking a lot lately about happiness and what being happy really means. Your definition of happy may be a lot of things.. but if your like me a lot of those things don't actually equal happy. I'm not the first person to say that even when you achieve the largest, most grandiose of you're dreams you are still wishing for something, and in most cases you still believe that something is the thing that will finally make you happy.

I'm also not the first to say that happiness is a journey. Many view happiness as a destination but I, among others, don't think that's accurate. If you aren't happy now you probablly won't be when you get to whatever it is you are seeking... you will just transfer your longing to something else.

But WHY??

Most of us have convinced ourselves that happiness is this place in the future that we will one day get to..
  • When I finally get married... 
  • When I'm finally done with school... 
  • When I finally have my dream job.. 
  • When I'm a mom... 
  • When I'm rich... 
  • When I have a bigger house... 
  • When I'm older... 
  • When I'm... (fill in the blank)
THEN... I will finally be happy...
... but again... you won't be... because the truth is.. our "normal" is often based on the fact that we're searching for something more. Habitually we slip back into that rut.

So what's the cure...?  
I think I speak for all of us, past and present, when I say that we haven't accomplished everything we'd hoped for.. and a vast majority of us never will. My advice is to make a change in the habit of chasing after our happiness and learn to be happy with all of the good things that are now!

None of this is to say stop moving!... Never stop moving forward.. but live in a way that when you do take a step forward you're able to look back with happiness over the path that you've come through. Take pride in being happy when you were at your lowest point... at your middle ground.. and in every step along the way. Sad things will exist.. always.. but keep swimming! If you can't keep your head above the water only one thing will happen..
  You'll drown.

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