Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Organizing In Small Spaces

I'm good at organizing; I'd say that's pretty obvious to those around me.
Not only that.. I think it's fun! Call me weird... but there is something exciting about being able to sort all of your things into categories and labeled bins and baskets. It's soothing and honestly.. it makes me happy.

The smaller your space, the more difficult doing this is... but its still possible. Your home doesn't have to be cluttered just because it's small or because you have lots of stuff... You just need a plan!

Tips for Organizing: 
  1. Sort. Sort. Sort.- This is always your number one step! You can't do anything with what you have until you know what you have. Sort.. make basic categories and regroup along the way if you have to..Narrow what you have down to logical categories. This could mean lots piles, or just a few.
  2. Keep what you need.- You borrowed that book a year ago? Give it back. That dress doesn't fit? Give it to a friend, or donate it. Trash or recycle the things that are trash. (Try not to convince yourself you will use those things you have been saving for years 'just in case you have an idea'.) When you establish what these things are get them out of your way. If you can't take them completely out of the house, sit them aside.
  3. Check your space. What empty spots to you have to put things? Drawers, shelves, bookcases, under tables, closets, underneath the bed, shed, etc.. 
  4. Find or purchase containers. Based upon the space you have available and the things you have sorted search your house for bins and baskets and then buy anything you don't need. (Check Dollar Tree or Walmart for cheaper options!) 
  5. Fill and Store everything. 
  6. Still have things left?? 
  • Stack books or movies to add height and color to shelving or furniture. 
  • Use corner shelving or any other kinds of shelving to your advantage! Buy things that are not only stylish but functional! 
  • Use spaces no one sees to hide things.. tops of closets, under beds, behind furniture, etc. 
  • Put things away neatly.. (Ex. Folded towels, sheets take up less space!) 
  •  Lots of knick knacks? Incorporate them in your decorations as much as possible, stash the rest in a storage shed or unused closet shelf.  
The easiest way to keep things organized is to keep up with your plan. Don't buy more then you need and always put things away when you are done using them! :) When you have a specific spot for something make sure it gets put back in that place after use. 

Personally, I live more peacefully when my home is organized.. it's easier to use and more efficient when you know exactly where to find things.

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