Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It AMAZES me how many people I see or hear about on a daily basis who don't understand the concept of professionalism.

It's simple really... As much as we like to tell ourselves that it doesn't matter what other people think.. it's not true. Maybe you just don't care what other people think? But don't you? I'm not talking about issues like whether or not tattoos are stylish or trashy, or if you should never wear a t-shirt if you wanna be successful. But.. lets face it... no body wants someone to walk away from them thinking negative things. Chances are you want people to like you.. you want people to want to be your friend and work with you.. maybe even admire something about you.

I know I do.

Things to consider:
Don't over share. We all have our personal lives and we all have close friends we talk about them with.. but do your boss and 10 of our co workers really need to know about the fight you had with your mother in law? Probably not..
Avoid cussing/ bad mouthing. If you talk this way.. people notice. You can say 10 nice things and 1 negative thing and what does everyone remember..? That's right... the negative. It pays to remember that!
Respect not only authority... but seniority. Maybe that guy who has been here for 10 years ISNT your boss.. but if you are honest with yourself you know that he knows what he's talking about. He can help you.. use that to your advantage and respect his loyalty to whatever the situation.
Don't be a slob. Look nice. Brush your teeth. Make sure you smell good. Fix you hair..and do this EVERY day. (YES.. some people really do need these reminders.)
Offer to help. You're right... It's not your job to make sure the trash gets out. So what?? Take it anyway. Pay attention to the needs of others and offer things to them that may help them. Buy someone lunch or a snack and let them know you appreciate them. Can't afford that? Write a nice note for them to find about how you noticed their hard work. Compliments & favors go a long way.. and chances are they will come back to you.
Don't compare yourself & your job to others.  Someone will always get more then you & someone will always be better then you. That's life. You can do your very best to please others and be fair & yet still someone will not be happy. Embrace what you DO have!
 Do the things you are asked. We all have preferences in our workplace. Nobody likes to be switched around at the last minute, but being flexible makes you valuable! Stop complaining! Your boss is in a position of authority for a reason.. Respect that!

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