Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Life You're Living


 This article is one that I feel deserves a re-post! It doesn't directly apply to me but I think that it is a VERY valid point. Questions like these from your closest family and friends can be daunting enough when you don't have these things... but they can be especially offending coming from the random person.

We all have a timeline. Your timeline may not be the same as mine.. as your best friends, your co-workers, your sisters.. or anyone else and I feel it's something that many people fail to respect.

In the movie "What To Expect When You're Expecting" you see the twinge of uncomfortableness when a customer tells Jennifer Lopez's character (a baby photographer) that 'she would be a great Mom and that she shouldn't miss her window.' Come to find out... she's a woman who is unable to have children. It makes you think..

That's not to say the situation is always something negative.. timing is everything for some people & THAT'S OKAY! Let it be.. When the timing is right I'm confident you will be aware of the newest circumstance.

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