Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tips for An Organized Move

As you may or may not know my husband Dan and I just moved. We're loving our new place.. and we got settled rather easily thanks to our amazing friends and family who helped us out! :)

I did a lot of things in the process of packing that saved both time and money and lots of things that helped things stay organized. This helped us to get unpacked and settled quicker then we (or any other I've helped move) ever have! :)

Why organize you move?? I'm more inclined to ask... "why not?"

Tips for Packing:
  • Pack like things together and label EVERYTHING. When you arrive at your new home amongst a large amount of unpacked boxes it can be VERY overwhelming.. but if you have a way of dividing the boxes amongst rooms your piles and piles of boxes seem less daunting. 
  • Develop a system for packing.  Don't just start throwing items in boxes. Think about what goes in them and make it logical. 
  1. Will you be storing some items at your new home? Pack those items together in specific boxes so that you can put these things directly into storage closets or sheds. 
  2. Are you redecorating? Pack the whole set of old decorations for you old set up into one box and label the box specifically. (Ex. POLKA DOT BATHROOM) so that it is both easily stored and found if needed. 
  3. Color code boxes room to room. (For our move I found label stickers with four colors and divided them as follows: Bedroom, closets, & random boxes/ Bathrooms & Laundry rooms/ Kitchen & Dining/ Patio, Shed & Storage closets.
  4. Complete every box you start, seal, label and move to designated "packed boxes" place.
  • Create a Packed Boxes area in your home. Move some furniture, clear an area and put every box that is ready to go in this place.. doing this will help you to clearly see what you have left to pack so you can see what you need to accomplish in your timeline more clearly. 
  • Pack early... but think it through. If you are rushing at the last minute you will not only forget things, you will also be stressed an organized.. so pack as early as possible. However.. the last thing you want to do is go digging through stacks of packed boxes to find something you need again before the move. Think of it as a long term vacation... the basics you might take for a long term stay at your beach house. Leave the following unpacked until your last week:
  1. Plates, cups and silverware. A basic baking dish, pan, and two pots (one large, one small), basic cooking utensils.. anything you use everyday. 
  2.  Clothes, except seasonal you wont be using. 
  3. Toiletries, extra supplies (like toilet paper & trash bags) that you will still need to use.
  • In your last week, think overnight stay & think disposable. 
  1. Buy paper plates/ cups. Or save out one plate, cup, fork, etc for each person to use during the week and plan for simple easy meals that don't require using your pots & pans. 
  2. Pack an "overnight bag" for each person with only the clothes they need for the week, the first day after your move and toiletries. (The day after outfit is essential because given you haven't unpacked you will have what you need ready to go & easy to get to.)
  • Hang clothes in trash bags like a department store.  Poke holes in bottom of trash bags and slide hangers through, then tie off ends and carry clothing straight to closets easily.
    When you get to your new home, sort your labeled boxes into your rooms & work from there. Always arrange all of your big furniture and items first and then unpack  around them. :) Happy Packing!

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