Monday, June 15, 2015

Our True Colors

All of us start fresh, like a new crayon in a brand new box.

Pristine, new..perfectly shaped, wonderfully made.

Different in some ways.. yes, but still quite similar to each other.

And then.. a funny thing happens...


It hits us all at different angles. We're rubbed, bumped, bruised.. We get mixed with lots of people and things who can for a time change us slightly. Some things make us brighter for a time and others make us dingy and dark. Sometimes in the darkest of times things weigh so heavily on us that we literally break under the weight.. we crack and we crumble.

Sometimes the things that change us make us unrecognizable. Layers of us might be seemingly ripped away until someone who cares enough has to scratch at the surface to see the boldness and the color underneath. But none of these things have to stop us.

In a culture where we can become so wrapped up ourselves and so trapped in our own little bubbles of Facebook and Instagram we lose sight of the beauty that is already around us. We lose sight of the treasures we ALREADY have in each other. We throw a filter over our lives and sometimes we don't let people see what's really beneath them. We forget how beautiful it is to be raw and real with someone; how putting yourself out there often leads to the closest of friendships. Often we don't ask how people truly are. We tend to toss aside a casually thrown out answer and take it for fact.. and in doing so I believe we often lose the opportunity to be something BIGGER. To show them that they still have beauty & color.

We may be broken, and bruised.. we may be dingy and discolored but the
fact is that somewhere beneath all of that our true colors can still
shine through.We may no longer be the brightest or boldest crayon in the
box but we DO have color. We have purpose. And usually all we need to
shine through that darkness is each other. When someone cares enough to
pull back the layers and dig deeper.. let them.. and make a point to be the kind of person who picks up that broken, dingy crayon and discovers what beauty is hiding underneath the surface.

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